Fall 2018

Congratulations!! Cassidy has been awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship ($1000) for her proposal, "Behavioral and Social Network Effects of Familiarity in a Highly Social Fish"! This is a great achievement and well deserved! 

Tessa Solomon-Lane has an exciting preprint out on tagging juvenile A. burtoni with a body length as small as 10mm!! Very neat methods paper to better study behavior and brain development. Check it out here.  

Great news! Mariana has been selected by the Society for Neuroscience to receive a $1000 2018 Trainee Professional Development Award to present a poster on her research at the annual SfN meeting in San Diego in November. Nice work!  


Summer 2018

Congratulations to Anokhi who was awarded a College of Natural Sciences Scholarship, the Charles Ely Lankford Memorial Scholarship! This is a great accomplishment! 


Spring 2018

Great news! Eric has been awarded the IB start-up grant in the amount of $2000, and Caitlin has received the IB travel award in the amount of $533! Congratulations!

Big congratulations to Mariana who has been awarded an IB DDIG in the amount of $8000 for her research on learning in a dynamic social context!!

Megan has been selected to receive the CNS Award for Excellence in Computational Biology / Computational Biochemistry / Computational Chemistry in the amount of $500! Congratulations, this is well-deserved!!

Congratulations to Eric for acing his PhD candidacy exam! Looking forward to some exciting scRNA-Seq experiments in the future!

Caitlin has been selected to receive the P.E.O. Scholar Award for the 2018-2019 academic year! Congratulations Caitlin!

Tessa and Caitlin were both awarded PANS Trainee Travel Award for the International Congress of Neuroendocrinology in Toronto this summer! Well done y'all!

Megan has been awarded a summer research fellowship through Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES) to continue her research in the lab this summer. Way to go Megan!

Ashley has accepted an undergraduate research position with Dr. Nicole Osier at Dell Med and the School of Nursing. It's an exciting opportunity that will focus on pediatric patients with traumatic brain injuries, and will allow her to integrate her interests in clinical research and data analysis to gain some great experience for future career interests. Congratulations Ashley!

Lisa and Anokhi have both been awarded Undergraduate Research Fellowships (URFs) for their research. Lisa will be looking at behavioral and neurotranscriptomic mechanisms underlying social status changes in A. burtoni, while Anokhi will be looking at transcriptomic and developmental mechanisms underlying maternally-induced growth acceleration in house finches. Great work and well deserved y'all!

Tessa Solomon-Lane, along with Travis Hagey and Alexa Warwick from MSU hosted an energizing and inspiring science communication workshop on Feb 5 at UT Austin, funded by the BEACON Center. Excellent work!

Lisa Paggeot and Anokhi Kashiparekh were each awarded Undergraduate Research Fellowships (URFs) for their research. Great work and well-deserved!


Fall 2017

Interested in the effects of mutation on the structure of proteins with known disease phenotypes? A new NIH website has just been released after contributions from Caitie McCafferty, a rotating Cell and Molecular Biology graduate student in our lab. Very cool! 

Great news!!! Hofmann Lab alumna Lauren O'Connell has been awarded the Frank A. Beach Young Investigator Award by the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology! Wonderful to hear about this well-deserved honor!

Megan Chan has been invited to present a poster on her research at the student poster competition at the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin. Great job Megan!!

Tessa Solomon-Lane and Hans Hofmann, in collaboration with Alexa Warwick and Travis Hagey from MSU/BEACON, have been awarded a grant from BEACON for their work broadening participation and the scope of public engagement. Great news!

Congratulations to Caitlin Friesen for receiving the Zoology Scholarship Endowment for Excellence from the UT EEB graduate program!

Tessa Solomon-Lane has a great new BEACON blog post out on framing your message and how to talk to policy. Check it out at


Summer 2017

Isaac Miller-Crews has been awarded a $2000 Start-up Grant by the EEB program. Great work Isaac!!!

Congratulations to Caitlin who has been awarded an EEB Summer Fellowship!


Spring 2017

So happy to share that Rayna Harris has been offered a Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley! Great work Rayna!!!

Mariana Rodriguez has been awarded a Global Research Fellowship that will help her to visit Konstanz, Germany to collaborate with Alex Jordan! Great work Mariana, we're excited for you!!

We are so excited to celebrate with Sean Maguire after he successfully defended his PhD thesis! Great job!!

Becca and Hareem both did a fantastic job presenting a poster at the Undergraduate Research Forum Symposium. Great work! Both were also awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF)!! Congratulations!!!

Tessa Solomon-Lane helped to spearhead a great BEACON public engagement workshop. Check out her blog post to learn more! 

Excited to announce that Hareem Usmani and Becca Butler were both awareded Undergraduate Research Fellowships to support their research. Congratulations!!

Mariana Rodriguez has been awarded the Bruton Graduate School Fellowship to help subsidize her research. Great work!!


Fall 2016

Great news! The Hofmann lab and collaborators at MSU received $1.84 million NSF grant to pursue research studying the evolution of three-spined stickleback throughout Iceland. 

Former undergraduate Vyshnavi Karri is now a medical student at McGovern Medical School in Houston. Congratulations!

Mariana Rodriguez successfully advanced into candidacy! Now that she's finalized the planning on a number of exciting experiments, we're really looking forward to what she finds out next.

Spring 2016

Rayna Harris was awarded a $40,000 Fellowship by the Graduate School! These university-wide fellowships are very competitive and prestigious and only a handful of students even get nominated. Congrats!

Chelsea Weitekamp received a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG) from the National Science Foundation! This is a tremendous achievement and very much deserved!

Rayna Harris was awarded $500 from the Graduate Student Association and the Student Government in support of the 4th Annual Big Data in Biology Symposium!

Rayna Harris received a $1000 "Grants in Aid of Research Award" from the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology in support of her thesis research!

Sylvia Garza has been offered a position at STRI in Panama to work with Richard Merrill and Chris Jiggins on Heliconius wing pattern evolution! This is a great opportunity and well deserved!

Fall 2015

Former graduate student Lauren O'Connell receives and NSF grant to support her research on the mechanisms of toxin sequestration in poison frogs!

Spring 2015

Two awesome undergrads, Vy Karri and Pamela De Valle, were awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship to support their exciting research!

Sean Maguire was awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG) by the National Science Foundation!